HackTO – OPENapps “It’s all about the developers”

HackTO - Coder battlefield

On Saturday May 15th 2010 I was at HackTO at the Idée office in Toronto. My company OPENapps.com was one of the sponsors ( we put up for the second place prize of a $500 Apple gift card ) and we were their to raise developer awareness of our OPENapps platform. The event was sponsored by Idée (and hosted by them) along with OPENapps, FreshBooks, PostRank, CanPages and Rypple.

So what was the driver behind HackTO?

HackTO is a gathering of the very best of Toronto’s technology folks, coming together for one day of mad coding. Some of the top technology companies in town are getting together to sponsor a day for developers to learn about their public APIs, and with the support of in-house experts, build brand-new applications that tie into some of the fastest-growing technology around!

HackTO was a great event (you can see some of the video highlights at the OPENapps YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/openapps )

Three of us from OPENapps were in attendance ( Haifeng Cao, me Kristan “Krispy” Uccello , Joseph Puopolo – not competing for the prizes) and Haifeng and I decided to build an OPENapp in the five hour development window of the event. What we ended up creating was http://www.wherecaniparkintoronto.com – which was a CanPages API implementation of our creation which we turned into an OPENapp. The source code for the project is available on github but is not really documented and is rather hacked together (we may circle back around to clean it up if there is any demand for such) its a bit of a minefield but if you have any curiosity about building an OPENapp it is proof that it can be done in short order.

Big thanks to the organizers and to Leila Boujnane for making this happen!

HackTO Facilitators


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